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RX3 and RX3 AdvancedBack in September, audio specialists iZotope whose other products include the powerful Ozone, Alloy, Iris and Nectar software, released the third reincarnation of their audio repair and restoration plugin – RX.

RX transforms troubled recordings (noise, clipping, hum, buzz, crackles, unwanted reverb etc) into professional-grade material. Furthermore, the Advanced version of RX 3 delivers even more specialised features  including the ability to remove or reduce reverb from instruments, vocals and more using the Dereverb module, clean your dialogue in real-time with the Dialogue Denoiser and monitor audio and loudness compliance using Insight.

This month, the press reviews have been flooding in, bowling us over with their hearty acclaim, appreciation and awards for this innovative software. So much so that we just have to shout about it so here’s a few examples of what they had to say…

Computer Music Performance AwardWhether you need to clean up noisy instrument recordings, enhance vocal or dialogue takes, get the most out of audio recorded on location, repair a clipped take that can’t be re-recorded, get rid of that bloody telephone ring in the background that went unnoticed during the session, or restore a rescued tape or vinyl record, RX 3 has you well and truly covered. We can’t recommend it highly enough, and – apart from those basic audio editing functions – we’re honestly at a lost to imagine what more can be added for v4.” – Computer Music, Rating: 10/10

Along with Ozone and Insight, iZotope has produced a range of impressive, professional products that demonstrate a meticulous attention to detail with respect to audio quality. RX 3 is a shining example of this methodology in action, providing forensic-level analysis and deconstruction of your audio that no other plug-in solution can currently match. […] iZotope’s RX 3 is one of the finest audio-restoration systems available, but its scope and creative potential is considerably greater than you might first imagine.” – Music Tech, Rating: 9/10 Read the full review here

FM Platinum AwardThe iZotope RX 3 and RX 3 Advanced offer a value and utility set that has no peer. An all-in-one solution like this can really improve workflow – valuable for time and creativity. The standalone program is easy and fast to use, and with the plug-ins it makes day-to-day DAW work that mush easier. At this price the standard RX 3 is a no-brainer for anyone serious about audio quality in their recordings and mixes.” – Future Music, Rating: 9.6/10

I’ve used RX3 as a standalone and as a VST plug-in and in both formats it left me speechless. In my book the mark of a good piece of software is more than just its power, it has to be simple to use and RX3 ticks both boxes. It’s an all-round audio toolkit that has been well planned and brilliantly executed. It’s easy to use and can achieve amazing results. I cannot recommend it highly enough.” – Audio Media, read the full review here.

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