Treat your vocals with Nectar 2 Vocal Production Suite

izotope nectar vocal production suiteiZotope’s Nectar software has been soothing and caressing vocal tracks all over the world for many years now. Today sees the release of Nectar 2 Vocal Production Suite, the next generation of iZotope’s Nectar software which adds a formidable list of new features and functions, let’s take a quick look…

We’ll start with Nectar 2’s new Harmony module where the software can generate harmonies that are in-key based on the lead vocal. You can even create your own harmonies by inputting notes from your MIDI controller which is the slightly more fun way of doing it.

izotope nectar pitch editorThe Production Suite version of Nectar 2 includes the new Pitch Editor which runs as a completely separate plug-in, unlike in Nectar 1. The interface enables graphical pitch correction and it’s laid out in a very simple and straight forward way, creating a quick and easy workflow.

Another great feature of the Production Suite package is the Breath Control plug-in which boasts the ability to intellegenty detect breath sounds from vocal tracks. This is a potentially difficult job which Nectar 2 makes very easy and the results are very natural indeed.

The standard Nectar 2 also includes a model of the EMT 140 plate reverb which can provide a unique and retro sounding ambience adding vintage warmth to your vocals. Inside the new FX module you’ll find a total of 7 brand new effects, so you can really get creative in exciting new ways.

There are far too many new features and improvements to cover in this post but you can get the full picture over on the Time+Space website. It’s also worth checking out the Music Tech review, here’s an excerpt;

“…when you look at what you’re actually getting, it’s an impressive package…one of iZotope’s most versatile plug-ins to date . 9/10

Nectar 2 Vocal Production Suite is available at a special introductory price until the end of October and there’s also upgrade deals for registered Nectar users. We’d highly recommend that you download the free 10 day demo version and test it out yourself on your own material, alternatively have a look at these videos to learn more…

Posted by Joel Heatley

I've been lucky enough to be involved in developing, testing, manufacturing, marketing and selling sample libraries and virtual instruments for over 10 years. During this time I've seen a lot of great new software being released, some of it changing how computer based music is produced. It's this creativity and innovation which makes this industry very exciting and truly inspirational.


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