The Time+Space Guide to Vocal Samples, Instruments and Effects Plugins

Time+Space Vocal GuideWhatever type of music you produce, the chances are you have, or will, incorporate vocals at some stage. From haunting operatic vocals that dramatically heighten a movie scene to the stirring hypnotic African tribal chants of a ceremonial spectacle. From that catchy vocal hook that firmly embeds itself in the minds and ears of listeners to mesmerising vocals without words in the style of Bjork or Sigur Ros.

It can be tricky finding the right vocals for your existing track or, indeed, to inspire your next project, so we’ve compiled this vocal guide to give you a taster of our personal favourites. From multiformat vocal libraries covering a broad range of styles to effects plug-ins that enable you to tweak and make your own voice shine within your preferred DAW, there’s plenty here to inspire all types of music.

Sample Libraries:

Zero-G Classical VocalNew ProductZero-G – Classical Vocal
Through capturing two classically trained opera singers, Classical Vocal manages to cover baritone, tenor, soprano and mezzo soprano, across the languages of Italian, French, German, Russian and even Latin.

All of the 600+ phrases and multi-sampled single notes, have been recorded completely clean, to capture every essence of the human voice, as well as to allow you complete control over choosing the right reverb for your composition.

Contains MultisamplesSupplied in Acid Wav, Apple Loops, EXS, HALion, NNXT and Kontakt formats.
Intro price – £47.96 / €59.96 – Listen Now

Zero-G – Vocal FactoryZero-G Vocal Factory
Vocal Factory incorporates three libraries in one; Vocal Forge – covering male and female MCs, R&B singers, soul divas, dance & pop vocals, Vocal Foundry – pop, folk, hiphop and urban singers, including a handy Vocal Toolbox loaded with helpful tools covering human beatboxing loops, opera, goth stacks and mashed vocals, and then Vocal India – sourced from authentic professional Indian singers, containing both classical and commercial sections, in a variety of styles and tempos.

Contains HitsContains LoopsSupplied in Acid Wav, EXS24, NNXT and Kontakt formats.
£99.95 / €120.00 – Listen Now

Big Fish Audio - ShoutBig Fish Audio – Shout
Think vocal styles of Rihanna, Will.I.Am, Bruno Mars, Pink, Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga, Kesha, The Script and you’ll have an idea of what areas this huge collection covers.

Recorded using four different vocalists (3 female and 1 male) with all vocals presented as dry vocal files – to provide you with maximum creative freedom for fitting the effects to your project. Covering tweakable background, one-shot and SFX vocal parts.

Contains HitsContains LoopsSupplied in Acid Wav and Apple Loops formats.
Also available as a Kontakt instrument
£64.95 / €75.95 – Listen Now

Zero-G – Nu MetalZero-G - Nu Metal
Taking sample libraries in a new direction, Nu Metal was created using real metal bands. Recording real songs with blood-curdling vocals, heavy drums, bass and guitar licks. All split up into manageable metal construction kits.

All samples have been pre-cleared and are 100% original and royalty-free, leaving you full usage of the samples in your music without any additional licensing fees.

Contains HitsContains LoopsContains Construction KitsSupplied in Acid Wav, Apple Loops, Rex2, EXS24, NNXT and Kontakt formats.
£42.67 / €48.97 – Listen Now
Special Offer

Sonokinetic - Trailer Voice Complete

Sonokinetic – Trailer Voice Complete
This epic bundle of trailer voice-over cues covers over 20,000 samples! Covering promos, trailers, event introductions, sports events, epic entrances, teasers, world premiers, mythology, historical, romance, comedy, heroism, conflict, sci-fi and many more.

Covering from hard hitting “Hollywood” warmth, booming male to sensual angelic female voice-overs. You simply won’t find a better selection of pre-recorded Movie Trailer voice-over cues for your next project.

Special OfferSupplied in Wav format.
£190.00 / €239.00 – More info here


New Product

Bela D Media – Vocal Tools TenorBela D Media - Vocal Tools Tenor
With the use of Vocal Tools scripting, this dark and haunting Tenor library is one of the first sampled voice libraries to utilise vocal phrase sequencing, which gives the user complete control over the elements within a given phrase across the vocal scale.

In addition, there is a significant gathering of Latin and Gregorian vocal elements.

Contains MultisamplesFULL Kontakt 3 or higher required.
Also available – Vocal Tools Soprano
£99.00 / €115.00 – Listen Now

Best Service - Shevannai

Best Service – ShevannaiNew Product
Designed for easily creating realistic solo vocal melodies. With the use of over 4000 carefully recorded samples, including the 5 true legato types (a, e, i, o, u) and 33 words.
Containing 52 phrases of Elven Language reciting poetry and 57 whispered poems.

Shevannai is grouped into three sections; The Voice – Legato, Staccato and Inhale patches, Phrases – Over 100 phrases in different keys and whispers, and Soundscapes – containing 20 beautiful and inspiring soundscapes.

Requires Free Kontakt Player 5 or higher
£119.00 / €149.00 – Listen Now

New Product

Soundiron – Voice of Gaia StrawberrySoundiron - Voice of Gaia Strawberry
A professional solo mezzo-soprano female vocal library, featuring premier vocalist Linda Strawberry Coloma.

Containing over 2500 melodic phrases across multiple keys and tons of bonuses; from breaths, Warm-ups and other vocal effects. Linda’s voice has an intense, dynamic and truly expressive quality, perfect for everything from cinematic scoring, EDM and dreampop to industrial and world music.

Requires FULL Kontakt 5.1 or higher
£99.95 / €115.00 – Listen Now

Zero-G - Avanna

Zero-G – Vocaloid 3 Avanna
The Zero-G Vocaloid 3 engine in ground breaking technology, enabling for a simplified but advanced programming approach to creating vocal leads, harmonies or backing vocals.

Features of Vocaloid 3 include a piano-roll style note editor; input your lyrics which are then automatically converted to phonemes; assign musical expression templates; save your vocal data as a .wav file.

Ideally suited to Pop and Celtic music, the Avanna vocal library can be used in a myriad of musical styles.

Runs as a plug-in and as a standalone program.
PC or Boot Camp (on Mac).
£79.95 / €94.95 – Listen Now

Soundiron – Mars Epic Male ChoirSoundiron - Mars Epic Male Choir
Mars features a full 30-voice male chorus as well as 3 soloists singing in both Slavonic (Russian liturgical) and Latin.

In addition to the true legato chorus sustains, ALL sustaining articulations in the library include 3-part polyphonic pseudo-legato. Mars is all about power, both on the low-end and the high. It includes 2 mic positions (stage and hall) to give composers flexibility with their mix.

Contains MultisamplesFULL Kontakt 4 or  higher required.
Also available – Venus – Women’s Choir
£285.00 / €353.00 – Listen Now


Toontrack - Vocal Toolbox

Toontrack – EZmix 2 Vocal Toolbox
Vocal Toolbox is the quick and easy Swiss army knife of vocal production!

Find anything from warm and up close voice over presets to a multitude of effect saturated lead vocal settings, various FX voices and signal chains perfect for beefing up your background vocals!

All professionally designed, covering genres across the board and all just one-click away!

Preset pack for EZmix 2.
Toontrack – EZmix 2 required.
£28.95 / €38.95 – Listen Now

New Product

iZotope – Nectar 2 Production SuiteiZotope - Nectar 2
Nectar 2 can bring a vocal track to life with modelled place reverb, harmonic saturation, and a wealth of creative effects. Stay in tune and remove distracting breaths without tedious, time consuming editing. Instantly transform a single vocal take into a dynamic, harmonized ensemble.

Use one of the 150+ new presets to get you in the direction of what you are looking for and tweak away as much – or as little – as your heart desires!

Available as a plug-in in all major host applications
on both Mac & PC.
Intro offer – £139.00 / €161.73 – Free demo here

To check out our full range of vocal products, click to view vocal sample libraries or vocal instruments

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