How to use your favourite plugins in Pro Tools 11 AAX and Logic Pro X

Logic Pro XThere are still a few plug-in developers who are yet to release their latest updates to fully support the new Pro Tools 11 AAX and the Logic Pro X AU 64-bit requirements. But, have no fear! If one of your favourite plug-ins is still not quite ready, there is always a workaround!

With the release of Nomad’s MAGMA 1.6 update – MAGMA can now be used inside of AVID’s Pro Tools 11, running in AAX 64 bit (Mac and PC now supported, more details here) as well as in Apple’s Logic Pro X, AU 64 bit format.

Nomad Factory Magma Effects Plug-inMAGMA utilizes Virtual Studio Rack (VSR) Technology to achieve new levels of creativity and flexibility.

Nomad are not the only developer to release a virtual hosting plug-in. VSL, with their Vienna Ensemble Pro 5, amongst other developers, also offer the ability to run 3rd party AU and VST effect and instrument plug-ins inside of their software engine, enabling you to include all of your 32-bit AU/VSTi* plug-ins into Logic Pro X and into Pro Tools 11 seamlessly.

Vienna ensemble Pro 5What’s more, Vienna Ensemble PRO 5 lets you easily connect your Macs and PCs to one powerful network. It offers time-saving features such as Preserve Instance that keeps all of your samples and FX plug-ins loaded while loading another song or project. And it comes with Epic Orchestra – a free 9 GB orchestral bonus library that features ensembles such as the lush Appassionata Strings, the legendary Epic Horns, Fanfare Trumpets, drums, percussion and much more. Check out the overview here.

A fair majority of the plug-ins available through Time+Space have been 64 bit AU compatible for a while. If you are having issues getting your 64 bit AU plug-ins into Logic Pro X then we suggest you double check your user account on the website from the plug-in manufacturer, to ensure you are running the latest available updates.

Alternatively, you can check through our Updates section here at Time+Space to see what the latest available versions of your products are.

* Vienna Ensemble PRO 5 lets you instantiate AU plug-ins under OS X and VST plug-ins under Windows.

More details on Pro Tools 11 AAX 64 bit available here.

More details on Logic Pro X 64 bit AU available here.


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