10th June – brand new sample libraries available now

Samplephonics 909 Rhythm ComposerSamplephonics 909 Rhythm Composer

This library contains over 4000 24 Bit Wav samples, meticulously sampled through two inputs, one clean, and one through a Thermionic Culture ´Culture Vulture´ to provide some real analogue tube warmth and extra beef!

Formats: Wav, Kontakt 5
RRP: £48.95 / €56.95

Frontline Producer Funk Guitar Chips n Chops

Frontline Producer Funk Guitar Chips n Chops

If you´re looking to get funky then this pack is certainly for you. Included are 200 loops recorded 24Bit, 44.1Khz weighing in at 314MB with guitar loops at 100, 110, 120 & 130BPM plus 200 Rex2 Loops.

Formats: Wav, Rex2
RRP: £15.95 / €18.95

Sample Magic Studio Tribal PercussionSample Magic Studio – Tribal Percussion

Recorded with a myriad of real percussion instruments, including bongos, congas, djembes and shakers, each loop has been passed through Sample Magic´s fabled all-analogue signal path to offer warmth, depth and character.

Formats: Wav, Apple Loops, Rex2
RRP: £14.90 / €16.95


Sample Magic Studio Disco and Funk Guitars

Sample Magic Studio – Disco and Funk Guitars

Inspired by guitar legends such as Nile Rodgers, George Benson and Curtis Mayfield, the collection scores big on authenticity, making it ideal for any genre that requires funky, disco-style guitars: disco, nu-disco, nu-rave italo, house, deep house and more.

Formats: Wav, Apple Loops, Rex2
RRP: £14.90 / €16.95

Posted by Joel Heatley

I've been lucky enough to be involved in developing, testing, manufacturing, marketing and selling sample libraries and virtual instruments for over 10 years. During this time I've seen a lot of great new software being released, some of it changing how computer based music is produced. It's this creativity and innovation which makes this industry very exciting and truly inspirational.

Website: http://www.timespace.com

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