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ProjectSAM LuminaNext week, ProjectSAM Lumina arrives at Time+Space in the form of a handy and fast USB drive. The third volume in the incredibly popular Symphobia series has been eagerly anticipated so we caught up with Vincent and Maarten from ProjectSAM to get a quick lowdown…

Hi guys, using no less than 50 words, how would you sum up Lumina?

We took this from our website… but we think it nails it pretty well! 🙂

Featuring full orchestra, choir, smaller ensembles and a wide range of guest instruments, Lumina dives into the world of fantasy, mystery and animation, adding depth and delicacy to your musical palette. Based on more recordings than ever before, this third volume in the Symphobia series is ProjectSAM’s most ambitious release yet.

ProjectSAM is well-known for its ensemble recording concept, and Lumina trumps this with even finer arrangements. The warmth and beauty of orchestra and choir performing together has been captured in stunning, playable ensembles. Moreover, Lumina is packed with superbly orchestrated textures covering the full spectrum of fantasy and mystery. Refined with grand piano, harp and percussion, these recordings are truly luminous.

Screenshot Lumina Stories

What makes Lumina different from Symphobia 1 and 2, and at the same time, how does it complement these libraries?

We wanted to make a volume that would really complement Symphobia 1 and 2 – an evolution within the Symphobia range. This meant moving away from the heavier ensembles, as these are well covered in the first two volumes, and exploring more intimately arranged ensembles and solo instruments. Lumina’s focus is on fantasy, fairy tale, more subtle genres, less on action and horror scores which, for many, was the highlight of Symphobia 1 and 2.

Symphobia 1 and 2A huge amount of time and effort goes into the making of a product like Lumina, can you run us through each of the main stages involved from beginning to end?

It began with ideas of what could come after Symphobia 1 and 2. A lot of brainstorming. We do a first set of recordings, also to test if certain ideas work. Often they do, sometimes they don’t. There is often some time between different recordings. For example, we started recording the first Lumina content in 2011, together with Symphobia 2 update content.

The final Lumina recordings took place in September 2012. The earlier recordings often inspire the later recordings, after we’ve edited some material, programmed it and, most importantly, played with it. It is quite an intuitive process. During this time we also work on scripting and we brainstorm about functionality and the library’s controls. Somewhat later we start on the artwork, interface, logo and packshot designs. In all, Lumina was a huge amount of work!

What feedback have you received from customers who are already using Lumina? What are the features that are appealing to them the most?

Feedback from Lumina users has been very positive! Our aim was to create a tool that inspires you, and it looks like that is what it’s doing. The feature that people like most really differs. Some love the recorded textures and phrases. Sounds you cannot create with individual samples. Others don’t have a direct need for these and, for example, like the legato instruments most. It is really quite personal.

The ProjectSAM guys take a stroll…

What’s your personal highlight of the library?

That would be the recordings of orchestra and choir performing together. They can be found in different spots throughout the library, in very different forms: from epic and big sustains, to soft and subtle textures. They were also a lot of fun to record.

Click here to find out more about ProjectSAM Lumina

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