iZotope Trash 2 – the press give their verdict

Trash 2 Press VerdictOriginally released ten years ago, iZotope’s Trash steadily became a cult favourite of many well-known artists such as Noisia, Garbage, Sigur Rós and Nine Inch Nails who loved the plugin’s ability to add plenty of dirt, grit, grime and character to their tracks.

In November last year, iZotope released Trash 2 which saw the original version rewritten from the ground up incorporating new features, optimised performance, better sound quality and much more, all designed to lead Trash into a whole new era of distortion, audio mangling and experimentation.

Over the last couple of months, the UK press have been testing Trash 2 for themselves with some very positive results. Here’s a quick roundup of what they thought of this powerful tool…

FM Platinum AwardLike Ozone 5 and Alloy 2 before it, Trash 2 is simply stunning: a plugin deserving unequivocal recommendation to anyone making music of any kind with their computer. So much more than ‘just’ a distortion unit, it’s a sound design toolbox of vast potential, offering excellent filtering, distortion, compression/gating, convolution and delay in one integrated device.” – Future Music (Rating 9.5/10)

Trash 2 is designed to make things sound nasty, and as such is a great tool for anyone looking for unique and dirty synth guitar or drum sounds. […] A highly flexible sound design tool that’s capable of rich, aggressive sounds, has great-sounding filters and a surprisingly decent delay effect, plus an easy-to-use GUI.” – Music Tech (Rating: 8/10)

iZotope Trash 2 Distortion Plug-in

Computer Music Performance AwardOverall, we’re very impressed with Trash 2’s flexibility and rich sound, and existing users will welcome an upgrade bringing it so well into line with iZotope’s other plugins. An update of a classic, Trash 2 is one of the most versatile and sonically impressive distortion plugins around.” – Computer Music (Rating 4.5/5)

“Capable of subtle signal finessing, destructive mayhem and everything in between, Trash 2 is comprehensive and compelling.” – Resident Advisor.net (Rating: 4/5)

Anyone looking to add dirt, grime and character to their tracks needs to jump on board the Trash 2 revolution. There is also an expansion pack available, offering even more presets to mess with. All in all, a great plug-in for many varied uses.” DJ Mag (Rating 9/10)

Tempted to dive in to Trash? Download the free 10 day demo and try it for yourself!

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