iZotope Alloy 2 Essential Mixing Tools – the press give their verdict

Alloy 2 GUIBack in August, iZotope released Alloy 2 – a complete mixing software featuring six powerful mixing tools including Equalizer, Dynamics, Exciter, De-Esser, Transient Shaper and Limiter. Version 2 brought a completely updated interface, more efficient control, a new transient shaper, a redesigned Exciter module, new EQ filters and more making it one of the most advanced mixing plugins on the market.

Since then, the UK press have been trying out Alloy 2 for themselves, testing the software in its own right and comparing it with other mixing plugins. And the result? A plethora of top class reviews and an abundance of awards that we just have to shout about. Here’s a summary of the verdicts…

SOS DecemberWhether you need transparent level control and surgical precision, or something fluffy and vintage, you’ll find it here. The Exciter is, likewise, probably the most flexible I’ve ever encountered, and the other modules all work very well too. The redesigned interface packs a lot of information and controls in without ever feeling intimidating or cramped, and I’m sure that Alloy 2 will win lots of friends among those looking for an affordable, powerful and friendly set of mixing tools.” – Sam Inglis, Sound on Sound

Computer Music AwardsAlloy 2 takes a very modern approach to processing, delivering endless flexibility for those who want it, but also a reasonably straightforward ‘overview’ front-end for those who’d rather keep things simple. If you’re not stylistically welded to your ‘classic’ processors then it really does deliver the goods sonically, and could speed up your workflow considerably. It also represents excellent value for money.” – Computer Music (Rating 9/10) Read the review in full here

Music Tech Value and Choice awardsThe visual feedback is second to none, with the transient shaper, dynamics, de-esser and limiter all featuring meters that show exactly how each transient hit is affected by the processing. This makes dialing in mix decisions and training your ears a whole lot easier as you can see exactly what’s going on. The real jewel in the crown, though, is the multiband transient shaper, which enables you to set different transient characteristics in each frequency range, allowing you to tighten the release of snares  and hi-hats while adding bulk and sustain to a kick.” – Alex Holmes, Music Tech (Rating: 9/10)

FM Platinum AwardOf course, it’s the sound that really matters, though, and on that score none of Alloy 2’s modules disappoint. Its predecessor already sounding amazing, and with the new EQ types and improved algorithms throughout, v2 is noticeably better and more versatile. […] All in all, then, Alloy 2 is a convenient, efficient, well-equipped and great-sounding mixing toolbox that no producer of any kind of music could fail to fall in love with. And at this price, it’s an absolute steal.” – Ronan MacDonald, Future Music (Rating 9.5/10)

Tempted? You can try Alloy 2 for free for 10 days! Click here for more information


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