ESI UniK monitoring speakers get the thumbs up from artists and press

ESI UnikA few months ago, just as ESI unleashed their UniK monitoring speakers line onto the world, we reported how some artists had already been testing them in their own studios including Spectrasonics Sound Designer Diego Stocco who said of the UniK 08s

When I first heard the sound coming from the UniK monitors I realized right away that I wanted to have them on my desk, they sound sharp and balanced, they make a great listening experience.”

Tony PlattWe have since heard that top Producer Tony Platt whose impressive credits include AC/DC, Bob Marley, Iron Maiden and Motorhead, to name just a few, has also been using the UniK 05s and been very impressed with the results. Here’s what he had to say…

The UniK05 is an excellent monitor speaker that will give great results with a wide range of music. I have been using them to cross check mixes for a couple of months and they stand up well against my main system that cost several times the price! Give them a listen and if they sound good to you they can be trusted.”

SOS-review-Unik-05s-paul-whiteAs well as the artist feedback, the UK press has also been trying them out. Sound on Sound Editor Paul White reviewed the UniK 05s for the magazine and was particularly impressed with the monitors’ punchiness and bright high end, saying “…the UniK 05s certainly offer value at the budget end of the market, and they pack more punch than their size might imply.”

Over to Jack Baker at who gave the UniK 05s his verdict: “…the UniK’s impressed me, and I would advise you to give them ago if you’re looking for a natural sounding, medium sized monitor for less than £300.”

Look out for more reviews coming soon!

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