iZotope deliver more organic sonic inspiration for Iris users

iZotope Iris sample-based synthesizerIt’s a well-known fact that music can be created from sounds generated from any object you can think of – a concept that many sound designers such as Diego Stocco and Mick Gordon have famously proved.

Today, we also have the tools to make this even easier and iZotope’s Iris sample-based synthesizer is no exception. Simply load a sound, isolate and extract the sonic elements that interest you and combine with other sound sources to create terrifically diverse, never-heard-before sounds.

Sound sourcesSince the launch of Iris earlier this year, iZotope has also released several sound libraries specifically designed for the software, each one proving furthermore that random objects such as a tomato, a tree branch, or a shard of glass can provide limitless inspiration for your music.

This week, iZotope released their fourth sound library ‘Toys’ and here we give a roundup of what you can find in each of the four packs…

iZotope Toys Sound LibraryToys
From laser guns to doll houses and squeaky toys, this sound library will help you stir all kinds of feelings in your audience from carefree feelings of joy to the creepy and disconcerting response to their use in horror films.

iZotope food Sound LibraryFood
This sound library is sure to feed your inspiration with a rich palette of sonic ingredients from onion chops and beef slaps to broken eggs and soda fizz. Great for making gory horror effects (think squelching tomatoes) and organically grown leads.

iZotope Glass Sound LibraryGlass
A shimmering collection of unusual and uplifting sounds created using bottles, mirrors, marbles, glasses, shards and glassblowing torches. Lush chords, shining leads, and soothing basses, this sound library transforms sonic experiments into accessible musical inspiration.

iZotope wood sound libraryWood
From basket smashing to door slamming, from drumming on guitars to a creaky deckchair, the Wood sound library pushes musical boundaries as each texture evolves. Blending dense and earthy tones into complex layers, Wood´s 100 patches sound like an avant-garde composition right out of the box.

Don’t forget, you can try Iris for yourself for 10 days absolutely free!

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