Spectrasonics Omnisphere powers into Computer Music’s Top 10 must-own synths list

Computer Music Synth SpecialOmnisphere has become something of a standard by which other sample-based instruments are judged, even those to which it bears little resemblance.”

Computer Music’s definitive guide to the Top 10 software synths you should own in 2012 has been released with Spectrasonics Omnisphere Power Synth deservedly featuring in the rundown.

Omnisphere presents an unlimited number of creative options and Computer Music’s 7-page feature on the instrument helps to unlock its inner workings so you can experience as many of them as possible.

Spectrasonics OmnisphereDiscover the key components of Omnisphere and learn how to build a basic bass sound from the ground up, then get to grips with the envelopes and mod matrix and discover how to create a pattern sequencer.

The accompanying files include audio examples and patches to get you started plus you’ll also find a great collection of synth sounds from Time+Space sample providers including Big Fish Audio, Zero-G, Samplephonics and Ian Boddy.

Eric PersingAnd the Spectrasonics goodness doesn’t end there as Founder Eric Persing chats about Omnisphere in the ‘Meet the Creator’ interview and you’ll also read why numerous producers love to use Spectrasonics instruments including Underworld’s Darren Price who worked on tracks for the London 2012 opening ceremony.

In the words of CM… “If a sound designer had to choose a desert island synth, you could bet the farm that they’d choose Omnisphere.”

Other synths featured in CM’s Top 10 include Native Instruments Massive, FXpansion’s Dcam: Synth Squad and u-he’s Zebra2. Grab a copy of the Computer Music Synth Special from your local newsagents now or download it from Apple’s News Stand app

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