Spectrasonics Artisan Hans Zimmer on scoring The Dark Knight Rises

Hans ZimmerHans Zimmer is one composer that needs no introduction. The Academy Award, Grammy and Golden Globe winner has been responsible for the scores within numerous high profile movies including Inception, Sherlock Holmes, Gladiator, Pearl Harbor, Black Hawk Down and Madagascar 3, to name just a very few.

Zimmer is also renowned within the music production world for his involvement with Spectrasonics titles in particular Hans Zimmer Guitars, Heart of Africa and more recently Omnisphere and the Bob Moog Tribute Library.

The Dark Knight Rises movie posterTomorrow (20th July) sees the UK release of The Dark Knight Rises – one of Zimmer’s most recent projects, and unlike the previous two installments on which he worked with composer James Newton-Howard, this time he’s going it alone.

According to examiner.com, “The entire score essentially circulates through three modes: brooding aggression, blackened depression, and hyper-kinetic, violent action. These traits are the result of Zimmer mastery of sound-scaping – accentuating a setting and making the audience feel like they are a part of the scenery.”

You can hear some 90 second extracts from the soundtrack below or why not read this interview with Zimmer about the score over at Empireonline.com

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