iZotope Iris sample-based synthesizer takes the press by storm

Iris BoxWhen iZotope first revealed the concept of Iris to us last year we knew straight away that music producers were in for a real treat and we couldn’t wait to get our hands on the first Beta version.

To recap, Iris embraces iZotope’s award-winning visual selection technology within a groundbreaking sample-based synthesizer that requires the user to employ their eyes as well as their ears to create never-heard-before soundscapes, ambiences and textures.

Thanks to the innovative spectrogram, you can delve into your audio then crop, shape, manipulate and gleefully experiment to your ears’ content with the Photoshop-esque editing tools. Fascinated? Download the free demo and see it for yourself.

Iris 3DJust over two months on from its release, Iris has indeed treated musicians, producers and sound designers to a sonic treat beyond all expectations and the feedback from our own customers has been astounding as revealed in our previous Iris blog post.

In the past couple of weeks, the first press reviews from the UK’s most popular music production magazines have hit the shelves and it seems the writers have been equally impressed. Here’s a round up of the reviews from Computer Music, Future Music, Sound on Sound and Music Tech magazines…

Computer Music magComputer Music

“Iris deserves to be a big hit with sound designers and hunters of new and unusual noises. If the idea of taking total control over every aspect of your samples, precisely extracting frequency-defined sections and then creating truly unique sounds out of them gets your imagination going, then this is a phenomenal studio tool that you absolutely have to try.”Computer Music awards

Rating: 9/10

Read the full review at musicradar.com


Future Music mag coverFuture Music

“You can make interesting sounds in Iris within seconds and develop a sonic masterpiece in less than five minutes. With the versatility of the spectrogram there’s a very good chance that whatever you make will have never been heard before; that’s not something you can say about many other synths. […] An incredible new approach to manipulating samples that will amaze and delight music-makers”

Rating: 9/10



SSound on Sound coveround on Sound

“Of the included patches, it’s the more experimental and abstract that really impress. Fortunately, there are plenty of other synths and sample players out there when you want ‘normal’. Iris delivers the abnormal like a demonic midwife! Aside from its talent for uniquely weird instruments, there’s definite remix potential. I know of no other plug-in that makes it so straightforward to reshape an audio source. […] Ultimately, Iris is a treat for the experimenter, and should instantly appeal to film composers seeking previously-unheard textures. Highly recommended.”

Music Tech coverMusic Tech

“Being able to ‘reach inside’ audio on a spectrographic level means total freedom to sculpt and shape sounds without having to use EQ for isolation. The results are very atmospheric, ambient and experimental – just what a sound designer for film or electronic music would ask Music Tech Excellence awardfor from a synth. Layering up samples, adding effects and tweaking synth settings add depth, and it’s easy to create breathtaking sound effects without too much effort.”

Rating: 10/10

Click here to watch the Iris videos and download the FREE demo


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