Rob Papen Blade – the people’s verdict

BladeA few weeks ago Rob Papen unleashed his latest virtual synth onto the world in the form of BLADE.

Blade is an additive synthesis engine that has an individual character and flexibility never seen before in a software synth. One of the most prominent features of this synth is the Harmolator – a set of global controls that get to the heart of the synthesis engine without the need to edit the additive partials that make up the waveform.

Another important feature of Blade is the central XY screen which gives you total control of the sound over time using an array of different modulation controls. You can either alter things directly by moving the cursor around, or you can record paths which can be replayed, thus creating an incredibly advanced LFO.

It’s only been a few weeks but we’ve already had some great feedback from our customers. Here’s a few quotes from our Blade user reviews page:

This is Additive synthesis made easy. I’m basically a sound designer, so I dig the features. I tried a couple of additive synthesizers before and I have to say Blade is different, in an easy and cool way.” – Reviewed by Ammar Muqaddas

Blade 3D screenPacked with amazing presets, on first listen my jaw was on the floor – delve a little deeper into Blade’s awesome sound sculpting capabilities, especially the Harmolator, and you are presented with a VST that is sonically endless yet still easy and intuitive to use.” – Reviewed by Amarta Project

Aimed at the electronic dance music genres, but not limited to, this plugin will give you hours, days, weeks and quite possibly years of sound creation, unique in control, in design, in quality.” – Reviewed by Fresha

The real treat though, and something I believe is exclusive to Blade, is the programmable X-Y pad. With it you can ‘record’ your own filter sweeps, LFO modulations, etc., meaning you can create some truly unique sounds. I’ve been a Massive user for some time now and, although daunting at first, the switch to Blade is well worth the ultimately small amount of effort required to learn its features.” – Reviewed by Andrew Norris

With such a great response from our customers, how can you resist trying it out for yourself?! Try the demo version for free – available to download now from the Blade product page.



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