Underworld announced as Musical Directors for Olympics 2012

UnderworldWith the Olympics heading to our shores next year, there’s been much talk about the opening ceremony and whether the UK can outshine the spectacular show delivered by Beijing in 2008.

This week Electronic duo Underworld, who are perhaps most commercially famous for their track ‘Born Slippy’ from the 1996 film ‘Trainspotting’, were announced as Musical Directors for the opening ceremony.

This is particularly exciting news for Time+Space because Underworld use plug-ins from several of our brands including Spectrasonics, iZotope and Synthogy. In fact, last year, in an interview with Future Music magazine, they said “When we were recording the Breaking and Entering soundtrack with Gabriel Yared at Abbey Road, we had access to a £70,000 Steinway, but we ended up using Synthogy’s Ivory!”

High praise indeed!

Underworld's Rick Smith and Karl Hyde with Director Danny Boyle
Underworld's Rick Smith and Karl Hyde with Director Danny Boyle

Underworld have already started working on the project alongside UK  film director Danny Boyle (127 Hours, Slumdog Millionaire, Trainspotting) who fulfils the role as Artistic Director for the games. Of the music, one half of the duo Rick Smith says to ‘Expect the unexpected’

I think that anyone that really knows the breadth of our taste, that’s listened to our radio shows or anything to do with our musical history will know that we are not purists,” says Hyde. “Anything more than that would be like telling the kids where we hid the Christmas presents.”

We can’t wait to hear and watch the end result but in the meantime, lets take a step back in time to the earlier partnership of Underworld and Danny Boyle…

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