iZotope Ozone 5 – Is this the ultimate software mastering tool?

Recently unveiled at the 2011 AES show in New York, Ozone 5 is the latest incarnation of what iZotope call their ‘Complete Mastering System’. Many of you are probably already familiar with iZotope Ozone which has been an industry standard software mastering tool for many years now.

Here is a video of Tedd from iZotope giving the lowdown on Ozone 5 at AES….

There are a many major developments in Ozone 5 but perhaps the most mouth watering is that there is now an ‘Advanced’ version, which adds a whopping 6 extra component plug-ins and also extra functionality in each individual Ozone module. Having the option to load these modules individually into your DAW gives you much more flexibility when working with Ozone in your mixes.

iZotope 5 Advanced Spectrogram
iZotope 5 Advanced Spectrogram

Another massive new feature in Ozone 5 Advanced is the ‘Meter Bridge’ which gives the user a full suite of analysis tools which can be customized to suite your work flow. Perhaps the coolest of these is the Spectrogram which presents a real-time high resolution 3D representation of your audio.

Hey, but don’t just take it from me though, why not download a trial version of Ozone 5 now on the iZotope website and check it out now!



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