Kasabian’s programmer Laurie Jenkins on why the band use Ivory II pianos

Laurie Jenkins
Laurie Jenkins

Laurie Jenkins recently got in touch with Time+Space about Ivory II Upright Pianos and when he mentioned he was working as a programmer for English Rock band Kasabian we obviously wanted to find out more about how they were using Synthogy’s highly acclaimed software…

Hi Laurie, thanks for speaking with us, first up, could you tell us about your background?
Hi – I first started out as a session drummer for loads of different bands and toured pretty much constantly (biog is on www.lauriedrums.com) as well as owning a studio and partners in a production company where we produce/write loads of different things from our own music – music for tv/film etc. Then I started getting calls from people I have worked with in the past to sort people’s live rigs or programming people’s live shows so kind of fell into what I am doing now by chance really – to be honest the industry is getting tougher and tougher, especially the session side so I am very happy where things are at the moment.

You’re currently working with Kasabian as a programmer, could you tell us more about what that involves?
With Kasabian I am Drumtech and Programmer – I’m a drummer so the drumtech gig is simple and Ian [Matthews] and myself are the same age and have been on the same scene for years so that’s nice and simple – he’s a monster player so always nice to watch. From the programming side I work with Sergio [Pizzorno] a lot so taking care of all things loops and midi is all good as well as building his new studio and sorting out all the studio gear.


Kasabian's recently released 'Velociraptor'

One of the software instruments you’re using in the Kasabian set-up is Ivory II Upright Pianos – what were your initial impressions of the instrument when you started playing?
We’ve been rebuilding the keys rig and Ben the keyboard player wanted originally to take a real upright on the road but obviously that logistically is rather a nightmare so as we have in our studio the Ivory Grand collection I suggested trying the Uprights out and to be honest, he’s loving it!

That’s great to hear! So what are the features of Ivory II that have most impressed you?
Personally I love the general quality of the bottom end – a lot of ‘sample libraries’ tend to suffer there but this sounds great – also the little tweaks you can do are effective.

There are four different upright pianos sampled in the software – do you find a use for all of them or is there one in particular that is primarily used?
We’re still in the experimenting phase at the moment but will know more as we go

What hardware are you using with Ivory II?
Hardware wise we are using 2 x Macbook Pro with 2 x simple soundcards – all runs from Novation controllers housed in various original Hammond/Piano carcasses.

Ivory II Upright PianosWhat host software are you using?

Are you running any other software alongside Ivory?
We have rather a lot of synth plugins as Kasabian stuff is generally synths as well as sampling all our original synths which tend to stay in the studio.

The band are due to embark on a European tour in November and December – will Ivory II be going on the road with them?
Well we have actually been on the road pretty much since the beginning of June and is running for the whole of next year too so it’s a long tour and yes, Ivory is definitely staying with us πŸ™‚

Thanks Laurie!

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