Niklas Flyckt on producing the Number 1 Hits EZX

Niklas FlycktThis week sees Toontrack kick off their Songwriter’s month with the release of a brand new and unique EZX expansion pack – Number 1 Hits. We caught up with the product’s producer Niklas Flyckt to find out more about his background and how he produced the EZX…

Hi Niklas, please could you briefly tell us about yourself and your music background?
I am a drummer from the beginning, so drums and beats has always been of a great interest. My recording carrier started out more than 25 years ago. I have recorded and produced a lot of artists during the years and today I´m mostly occupied with mixing. Some of the artists I worked with are Celine Dion, Kylie Minouge, Rachel Stevens, Teddybears, Miike Snow, Britney Spears and Robyn. In 2005 I received a Grammy award for my mix of ”Toxic” with Britney Spears and this year I was Grammy nominated for ”Dancing on My Own” with Robyn.Number 1 Hits gear

How did you get involved with Toontrack and The Number 1 Hits EZX?
Mattias at Toontrack heard my latest work with the Robyn trilogy ”Body Talk” and he knew that I’m very much into beats and pop. He asked if I could do something like a drum expansion that could have that fat electro pop signature.

Take us through the production of this title – what were your aims?
The ambition was to put together a beat tool with a combination of some vintage drum machine- and acoustic drum sounds. All heavily treated to get that right modern fat electro pop sound.

Niklas in studioHow did you go about choosing the equipment and producing and recording the sounds?
We used a couple of my vintage drum machines and some acoustic sounds from my own drum library. All the sounds were treated with some of my favourite vintage equipment, like tube compressors, spring and plate reverbs. All of it mixed through a SSL 9000J console, which is pretty much the equipment I use everyday when I mix and produce.

The product blurb tells us that the sounds were run through your ‘amazing signal chain of SSL, tube vintage compressors and hard-to-find outboard gear’ – can you tell us a bit more about this gear?
I’ve been collecting great vintage gear during the years. All of them absolutely top notch and the SSL 9000J console have been with me for around 10 years and it’s my favourite mixing console. It’s the ultimate hit mix machine.

Which are your favourite sounds in this EZX and why?
Everyone of them are absolutely great. If I have to choose some, I´ll say the stereo fx with lots of echoplate on them or maybe the claves with AKG spring reverb on them. Another great sound is the chromatic 808 kick. I really don’t know, they all are great and will hopefully find a place in some great songs. One really great feature is the attitude fader which adds more compression, spring or plate and distortion. Very easy to use; ”More is More”

Have you already used this EZX in your own projects?
Yes. I have used it in a couple of remixes lately. You can listen to a couple of tunes on

Number 1 Hits EZX
Number 1 Hits EZX – interface

Finally, this EZX is very different from Toontrack’s other expansion packs, what would you say to existing EZX users who may be unsure as to whether Number 1 Hits will fit with their style of music?
This is also a great drum tool, but with more electro pop in it. Which makes this a must have, if you want to give your productions that fat electro sound.

Thanks Niklas!

Click here to find out more about Number 1 Hits EZX

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