Spectrasonics deliver true innovation with ‘Omni TR’ iPad App, Omnisphere 1.5 update and OMG-1 synth

It’s that time of year again when the world’s leading pro-audio companies get together in Los Angeles to unveil their endeavors to a global audience, NAMM 2011 is here. Spectrasonics have a habit of keeping something special up their sleeves to present at NAMM, in 2010 they gave us 64-bit support for their entire range and the ‘Omni Live’ iPhone app. Well this year they have not disappointed…

Spectrasonics Omni TR iPad AppFirst up is the free ‘Omni TR’ iPad App which introduces the new ‘TR’ (Touch Remote) concept from Spectrasonics. Apple’s iPad is an ideal solution as a software controller and Spectrasonics have taken full advantage of this with this app which gives full 2-way communication with Omnisphere over a wireless connection. The performance possibilities are endless and it’s only a matter of time before we see artists using their iPad to twist and tweak their Omnisphere patches on stage. You can find the full lowdown in our ‘Omni TR’ iPad App Namm news article.

Omnisphere 1.5 UpgradeGreat things come in 3s and the second part is the Omnisphere 1.5 upgrade which includes a whole host of new features but perhaps the biggest eye opener is ‘The Orb’, a innovative real-time controller allowing real-time patch manipulation. Spectrasonics describe ‘The Orb’ as a ‘Circular Controller’ which allows the user the move the Orb cursor around to morph between automatically generated parameter scenes in ‘a highly intellegent and musical manner’.  Other newness in Omnisphere 1.5 includes another 700 brand new patches bringing the total to over 5000 patches and 8000 total sounds. New and expanded synthesis capabilities with a ‘zoom’ interface for the Harmonia, Waveshaper and Granular synthesis areas allowing the user to harness the new parameters and modes.

OMG 1Last but certainly not least is something that will make synth enthusiasts the world over get weak at the knees and break out in a sweat. Eric Persing from Spectrasonics and The Bob Moog foundation have teamed up to produce the OMG-1, a one of kind synthesizer which will be given away as a prize to a lucky winner later this year. This monster unit contains a Moog Little Phatty, 2 iPod touches, 2 iPads, a Mac Mini, Omnisphere and the brand new ‘Omni TR’ iPad App. More details on the contest to win this epic machine will be announced on 15th March and details will be published here.

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