Sound Designer Ian Boddy releases ‘Pearl’ compilation album

As I right this post I am listening to ‘Pearl’, a collection of 28 tracks on 2 CDs produced over the last 30 years by UK synth guru and sound designer Ian Boddy. Since his first release in 1980 Ian has been impressively prolific releasing 23 solo and 24 collaborative albums. So, when you factor in all the sample libraries he has produced too, you get a sense that Ian must spend a lot of time indoors with his sizable collection of hardware kit.

The 1st CD titled ‘Outer DiN’ contains 15 solo pieces that were not released on Boddy’s own ‘DiN’ label. In the listing are 3 compositions from his DeWolfe library music albums which give an interesting dimension to the playlist. This CD is very reminiscent of Tangerine Dream and other pioneers of synth based electronica and really takes on you a trip into the heritage of this genre. The 2nd CD ‘Inner DiN’ features 13 collaborations with other artists like Robert Rich and Chris Carter, all released on the DiN label which is now on it’s 36th release. The second CD is a real tour de force of sound design and contains some interesting blends of rhythms and textures with an overall more contemporary feel.

This is an engaging selection of arrangements from an artist who is a master of his craft and not to be missed. ‘Pearl’ is available in a limited edition quantity of 1000 with the first 300 being signed by the man himself so check it out.

Posted by Joel Heatley

I've been lucky enough to be involved in developing, testing, manufacturing, marketing and selling sample libraries and virtual instruments for over 10 years. During this time I've seen a lot of great new software being released, some of it changing how computer based music is produced. It's this creativity and innovation which makes this industry very exciting and truly inspirational.


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