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Bring your audio to life with iZotope RX Final Mix

What is RX Final Mix?
iZotope’s RX Final Mix is a real­-time plug-­in for controlling peaks and giving your mixes and sub­-mixes a smooth sonic balance. The Dynamic EQ and True Peak limiter features are specifically designed for film, TV, and other multimedia post production.

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Heavyocity go full force with new virtual instrument GRAVITY

Heavyocity_Gravity_Box Heavyocity are back with a big bang with their latest virtual instrument – GRAVITY. The team, who are also behind the inspirational AEON collection and Master Sessions series, took eighteen months to develop this new music production tool and it promises to be their biggest venture to date. We got in touch with them to find out more…

So we hear that GRAVITY has been 18 months in development – why has it taken so long?

Well, it’s mostly because GRAVITY is hands-down our biggest endeavour to date. It’s a very deep instrument with four distinct “centres” (Pads, Hits, Risers, and Stings). And working out the details of each of the sections, from both the creative and technical fronts, took a lot of R&D. We also wanted to make sure that we didn’t just rush the product out before we were sure that it was right (i.e. an exciting product for us to use). Our standard is to always produce tools that reflect our vision – tools that are useful, productive, and FUN to use. Continue reading

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iZotope RX comes to the rescue at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios

RWS externalBased in the village of Box in Wiltshire, Real World Studios is one of the UK’s most impressive studio complexes, not just in terms of the superb facilities on offer to musicians and producers, but also the remarkably beautiful and inspirational setting of a 200-year old watermill. Originally conceived by world renowned singer-songwriter Peter Gabriel, the studio has steadily increased its offering in recent years to also include facilities and services for post-production work.

We recently found out that iZotope’s RX 4 audio enhancement and repair software is now a staple toolkit in Real World Studio’s post-production set-up since the team saw the impressive results Peter Gabriel’s engineer Dickie Chappell had produced when he used RX to clean up some old recordings.

iZotope RX 4 at Real World StudiosThe award-winning software is frequently being utilised by the studios for a range of tasks and projects including foley recordings, restoration work and mixing. We got in touch with the guys to get the lowdown on the real-life scenarios in which RX has come to the rescue, what they particularly like about the software as well as a deeper insight into the studios themselves.

Head on over to the Time+Space website now to read the feature in full.

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21st May: New sample library releases


Big Fish Audio Rock n Indie Songwriter

Boom Library are breaking new ground with this new nature recording library. Gordon Hempton ventured out into the wide fields of the American prairie to successfully return with this superb and fascinating sound material.

Formats: Apple Loops, REX, WAV, RMX, Acid & Kontakt

RRP: £89.95 / €121


Zero-G Urban Collector

Urban Collector is a massive brand-new collection of West Coast HipHop loops and samples including an incredible array of earth-shaking beats, phat basses, synths, real strings, licks, fills, percussion, modulated fx and much, much more!


Formats: Apple Loops, REX, WAV, RMX, Acid & Kontakt

RRP: £47.95 / €64.79

Big Fish Audio Lift

Bright, happy, and quirky cinematic guitars is the perfect choice for commercials, TV music, documentaries, video games, film trailers, sound design, and contemporary cinematic music

Formats: Apple Loops, REX, WAV, RMX, Acid & Kontakt

RRP: £68.95 / €92.95



Zero-G Sensual Grooves

This sexy, soaring, sumptuous library of over 1000 samples is the logical sequel to the bestselling  and critically acclaimed Satin Grooves and maintains the incredible creativity and lofty production standards of that title and even raises them further.

Formats: Apple Loops, ACID, Rex2, WAV

RRP: £34.70 / €40.95




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We catch up with House music maestro and iZotope fan Steve Mac

Steve MacHaving launched his career as a scratch DJ at the tender age of 11, Steve Mac is now a renowned Studio Owner, DJ, Record Producer, Remixer, Label Owner and one half of the House duo Rhythm Masters. Steve is a fan of iZotope’s music production software and has been checking out the latest update to the critically acclaimed mastering suite Ozone 6.1. We caught up with him to find out how he’s been using it in his latest projects and what he makes of the cutting edge features.

Hi Steve, for those of our customers who aren’t so familiar with your music career to date, could you give us a quick summary of your work and some of the many artists you’ve worked with? Continue reading

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iZotope Ozone 6.1 Update

What is Ozone 6?
Ozone 6, is iZotope’s latest version of their complete mastering system. With powerful features and an intuitive interface, you are able to maintain a workflow centered around creativity, with the added ability to tweak with surgical precision, should you feel the need to dive deeper into your mix.
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Mark Henry Phillips takes a cinematic approach to mixing and composing for the popular podcast Serial.

Podcasts have become a legitimate cultural phenomenon over the last few years. Readily accessible home technology and a flowering of niche audiences have given rise to a near limitless number of topics—it’s now just as easy to hear world leaders as it is to hear poodle groomers in Finland.

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Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 FAQ

Since the announcement of Omnisphere 2 at this years’ NAMM 2015, we have had a lot of enquiries into what users are to expect with Omnisphere 2. This article includes a list of answers to these questions which keep popping up.

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