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3rd April 2014: This week’s new sample library releases…

Zero-G Warp StaticZero-G Warp Static by Arovane

Produced by Electro-Wizard Uwe Zahn, AKA Arovane, Warp Static delivers his trademark angular, electronic palettes and timbres, complex, crunching and swarming soundscapes, glitchy, distorted and disjointed sounds which will work as perfectly in media soundtracks as they would in electronica and EDM music.

RRP: £59.95 / €74.95
Formats: Acid Wav, Aiff Apple Loops, Rex2, EZS24, HALion, Kontakt, Reason NNXT

Samplephonics Rare Funk GroovesSamplephonics Rare Funk Grooves

An epic collection of 50 full constructions kits, each with 4-5 corresponding parts including synth bass, live bass guitar, guitar, Rhodes, Wurly, Clav, poly synths and crisp funky drum breaks. Put together by session musician Toby Baker, this sample pack is a tribute to the rare soul and funk genres that gave birth to the art of sampling.

RRP: £34.70 / €40.95
Formats: Acid Wav, Rex2, Apple Loops


Boom Library WavesBoom Library Waves

5.42GB of source recordings by Emmy-winner Gordon Hempton, these samples are classified by wave size and beach substrate (rock, pebble, sand, boulder) to deliver a huge collection of lapping, gurgling, surging, bubbling, sweeping, splashing, rumbling, rolling, howling, thundering, roaring, crashing and much more.

RRP: £142.00 / €179.00
Format: Wav


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Arovane aka Uwe Zahn introduces new sample library ‘Warp Static’

Zero-G Warp_StaticThis week brings the release of the latest collection from sample library pioneers Zero-G in the form of Warp Static – a unique library produced by electro-wizard Uwe Zahn, who operates under the artist name ‘Arovane’.

The multiformat collection is packed with Uwe’s trademark angular, electronic palettes and timbres, complex, crunching and swarming soundscapes, glitchy, distorted and disjointed sounds and much more. We got in touch with the man himself to find out more… Continue reading

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Use ProjectSAM libraries? Why not enter their new contest?

ProjectSAM contestProjectSAM, the company behind top composing virtual instruments including Symphobia, True Strike, Lumina, Orchestral Essentials and others, have launched a contest especially for users of its libraries.

So, if you’ve created a track using one or more ProjectSAM libraries, why not submit it to the contest?

The closing date isn’t until 30th April so there’s also plenty of time to start a new track from scratch.

There are three prizes up for grabs…

- 1st Prize: The complete Symphobia Series: Symphobia 1, 2 and 3Symphobia 1 and 2

- 2nd Prize: Symphobia 3: Lumina (or Symphobia volume of choice)

- 3rd Prize: Symphobia Colours Pack, consisting of Animator and Orchestrator

Plus, ProjectSAM will periodically post contending tracks on their social media pages so you’ll get the added bonus of exposure for your music!

Click here for full contest details or listen to the tracks submitted to date by clicking here.

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7th March 2014: This week’s sample library releases…

Freshtone Lost Tapes 2Freshtone – Lost Tapes Vol 2

Moving bass lines, funky slinky guitars and retro keys abound – all fired by nostalgia and recorded to tape using rare analogue equipment. Plus, volume 2 sees the addition of the Freshtone brass section featuring trumpet, sax and flute to add even more sparkle and bite to the 40 compositions.

Formats: Wav, Rex2
RRP: £44.95 / €53.95


Big Fish Audio GravityBig Fish Audio Gravity

A massive collection of cinematic electronica, electro rock and dubstep styles inspired by the music from the likes of Skrillex, Junkie XL, Massive Attack, Daft Punk and more and ideal for film, TV and video game applications.

Formats: Apple Loops, Rex, Wav, RMX, Acid, also available formatted for Kontakt
RRP: £81.95 / €97.95


Boom Library MagicBoom Library – Magic

Available as a ‘Construction Kit’ collection (source recordings) or ‘Designed’ (sound files created from the source recordings), Magic presents sizzling, sparkling, explosions, fire whooshes, water splashes, ice crackles, bubbles, chimes, humming, wobbling, squeaks, choirs, drones and much more.

Format: WAV
RRP from: £94.95 / €119.00


Big_Fish_Audio_Guitar_SessionsBig Fish Audio – Guitar Sessions: Indie & Alternative

A huge collection of Songwriter Guitar Styles celebrating bands such as The Lumineers, Mumford and Sons, Fun, Florence and the Machine, Fall Out Boy, Queens of the Stone Age, Civil Wars, Imagine Dragons and many more. Contains 25 Kits with each and every kit containing three to five different and unique guitars.

Formats: Apple Loops, Rex, Wav, RMX, Acid, also available formatted for Kontakt
RRP: £81.95 / €97.95


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Interview: Composer Eduardo Tarilonte on recording inspiring instruments and voices

Eduardo TarilonteEduardo Tarilonte is a name that has become synonymous with high quality, unique virtual instruments. His critically acclaimed libraries include Forest Kingdom 2, ERA Medieval Legends and Shevannai Voices of Elves to name a few, each of which demonstrate the meticulous attention to detail that is clearly put into every aspect of each library’s production.

Last week, Tari’s latest library Cantus Gregorian Chants was released by Best Service, and, as announced at NAMM, we can also expect to see Altus The Voice of Renaissance within the next month.

We caught up with Tari to find out more about his career as virtual instrument creator, the work he puts into each library and in particular, the story behind Cantus… Continue reading

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Taking a closer look at DM-307 with Heavyocity’s Neil Goldberg

Heavyocity DM307Last week brought the release of DM-307 – Heavyocity’s latest offering since the company unleashed AEON last year.

Described as a Modern Groove Designer, DM-307 delivers an extensive and highly stylised collection of modular synth drums, live percussion and processed classic analog drum machines combined with innovative features such as the Grid and Advanced Trigger FX to give users the tools to build complex grooves and beats quickly and simply.

We caught up with Heavyocity co-founder Neil Goldberg to find out more… Continue reading

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13th February 2014: This week’s sample library releases…

Samplephonics_Acoustic_AbstractionsSamplephonics Acoustic Abstractions

Overflowing with acoustic instrument loops, textures, organic rhythms and sampling gems, Acoustic Abstractions is like digging through a crate of rare vinyl, each groove a complete surprise and ready to be shaped into something new.

RRP: £39.95 /€47.95
Formats: WAV


Zero-G-Urban-SymphonyZero-G Urban Symphony Orchestral Phrases

This multiformat sample collection features hundreds of orchestral phrases plus solo piano and harp loops that have been specifically composed and recorded for Hip Hop, R´n´B and Dance music producers but would work equally well for orchestral mock-ups.

RRP: £59.95 / €74.95
Formats: Wav, Aiff, Rex2, Kontakt, NNXT, EXS, Halion


Soundiron Apocalypse Ensemble ElementsSoundiron Apocalypse Ensemble Elements

Built from Soundiron’s flagship Apocalypse Percussion Ensemble, this library is slimmed down to offer an affordable solution with just as much power and punch. Focusing on the close mic position and standard single-stroke multisampled articulations, it’s designed to be intuitive and easy to play with thunderous ensemble and solo drums and percussion.

RRP: £69.94 / €83.95
Formats: Kontakt 5 Player

Boom_Library_Flowing_waterBoom Library Flowing Water

This collection contains 121 beautiful recordings of stream, river, and waterfall sounds with close and distant perspectives. Dig into more than 3 hours of high quality trickles, babbles, gurgles, glugs, roars, splashes, surges, swishes, booms or some gentle water SFX.

RRP: £142.00 / €179.00
Format: Wav


Audiority Omnisphere Cinematic Presets 2Audiority Omnisphere Cinematic Presets 2

Created specifically for use with Spectrasonics Omnisphere, this collection of 100 presets are designed for Dark Ambient and soundtrack projects and feature drums, impacts, hits, pads, textures, keyboards and more.

RRP: £14.95 / €17.95
Format: Expansion for Omnisphere


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iZotope Masters Q&A Series Part 3: Dave Whitehead

iZotope Masters Q&A Part 3For the third instalment in their interesting Masters Q&A series, iZotope talk to The Hobbit sound designer Dave Whitehead whose credits also include The Lord of The Rings Trilogy and Elysium as part of his role within the award-winning audio team at New Zealand’s Park Road Post Production.

Amongst Dave’s essential arsenal of audio tools you’ll find iZotope’s RX 3 audio repair and restoration plugin, Ozone 5 Mastering Suite, Trash 2 plus the ever-inspiring Iris ‘visual’ instrument. Here, Dave tells us more about his role and how he has been using iZotope’s software. Continue reading

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