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We catch up with House music maestro and iZotope fan Steve Mac

Steve MacHaving launched his career as a scratch DJ at the tender age of 11, Steve Mac is now a renowned Studio Owner, DJ, Record Producer, Remixer, Label Owner and one half of the House duo Rhythm Masters. Steve is a fan of iZotope’s music production software and has been checking out the latest update to the critically acclaimed mastering suite Ozone 6.1. We caught up with him to find out how he’s been using it in his latest projects and what he makes of the cutting edge features.

Hi Steve, for those of our customers who aren’t so familiar with your music career to date, could you give us a quick summary of your work and some of the many artists you’ve worked with? Continue reading

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iZotope Ozone 6.1 Update

What is Ozone 6?
Ozone 6, is iZotope’s latest version of their complete mastering system. With powerful features and an intuitive interface, you are able to maintain a workflow centered around creativity, with the added ability to tweak with surgical precision, should you feel the need to dive deeper into your mix.
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Mark Henry Phillips takes a cinematic approach to mixing and composing for the popular podcast Serial.

Podcasts have become a legitimate cultural phenomenon over the last few years. Readily accessible home technology and a flowering of niche audiences have given rise to a near limitless number of topics—it’s now just as easy to hear world leaders as it is to hear poodle groomers in Finland.

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Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 FAQ

Since the announcement of Omnisphere 2 at this years’ NAMM 2015, we have had a lot of enquiries into what users are to expect with Omnisphere 2. This article includes a list of answers to these questions which keep popping up.

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23rd January: New sample library releases

Big Fish Audio Big Room Anthems

This library sounds absolutely massive in every way. Modern Compression techniques mixed with excellent sample content and recording quality combine to make a sound that is big enough for the club, the rave, the stadium and the arena right out of the box.

Formats: MIDI, Logic, Pro Tools, Cubase, Apple Loops, REX, WAV, RMX, Acid, Kontakt

RRP: £46.95 / €64.95


Big Fish Audio Urban Guitar Suite Vol 1

An expansive 2.75 GB collection of guitar-centered kits from four different genres including Funk, Retro, RnB, and Rock offers you 20 construction kits of well-recorded and versatile guitar loops, bass loops, and drum loops that can fit into any Funk, Rock, RnB or Retro production you could think of. Everything from smooth and sexy to gritty and raw is covered in its unique urban style here

Formats: Apple Loops-Acid WAV-REX-Stylus RMX, Kontakt

RRP: £68.95 / €92.95

Samplephonics World String Loops

World String Loops is a simply stunning collection of gorgeous ethnic string loops and samples played by 3 world class session musicians. The sample pack contains beautifully melodic sounds from a Baglama, Cümbüs, Charango, Dobro, African Kora and Harp, perfect for building tracks around and injecting extraordinary musicality into your productions.

Formats: Apple Loops, ACID, Rex2, WAV

RRP: £34.70 / €45.00


Samplephonics Analogue Witchcraft Vol 2

This sample library is truly unique, packed full of inspirational left field loops created with various found sound recordings, twisted VCS3 analogue synths, warped guitar and bass, re-amped samples and beaten up drum breaks.

Formats: Apple Loops, ACID, Rex2, WAV

RRP: £34.70 / €45.00


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Alessandro Camnasio on creating Zero-G Sound Designer Collection

Hi Alessandro, could you tell us a little about your own musical background?

I started taking piano lessons at the age of ten. Then I soon had the desire to create my own music and sounds and became interested in synthesizers, MIDI and audio technology in general. I was also lucky enough to have an uncle that introduced me to the first personal computer, when I was seven. Continue reading

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Bringing the Voices of Middle Earth to Life with iZotope RX 4 Audio Repair

As a veteran dialogue editor with dozens of feature films under his belt, Ray Beentjes is used to taking on challenging projects. But editing dialogue for the epic Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogies redefined the definition of “challenging.”

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We talk Toontrack with tech metallers Cambion

Following a busy summer of international festivals and a South West Music Award under their belts, progressive tech metal quartet Cambion have taken to the studio. We caught up with them to talk about their love for Toontrack exclusively for Metal Month

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